Logitech and ClameCase Tease iOS-Compatible “MFi” Game Controllers

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Following the release of iOS 7, both Logitech and ClamCase have both released promotional materials which tout forthcoming devices that pair with iOS devices in order to turn them into game controllers. The materials emerged recently in the form of a teaser trailer from ClamCase to Logitech’s Facebook page.

ClamCase’s video shows glimpses of the form factor for a device called the GameCase. It promises to “transform your iOS device” with a “full-sized console layout” enabling “3D motion enhanced gaming,” with the devices touting resemblance to an Xbox 360 controller split in two to fit onto the sides of an iPad.

Logitech’s promotional image shows an iPhone floating between a user’s hands, which look like they are grasping an invisible controller in the traditional console style. Previously leaked prototypes of Logitech’s gaming attachment have shown an elongated device that an iPhone would plug into, making it seem somewhat similar to Sony’s PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita handheld devices.

Both devices take advantage of new APIs that Apple built into iOS 7. In a sigh that the Cupertino California company was increasingly serious about the gaming potential of its devices, Apple held a 45-minute session at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference showing off app frameworks, hardware mock-ups and best practices for third-party iOS gaming controllers.

Apple’s revenue from iOS has already surpassed that of Sony and Nintendo’s portable consoles. Assuming widespread adoption by consumers and support by developers, third-party controller extensions such as Logitech’s and ClamCase’s could expand iOS gaming beyond where it is at currently, further reshaping the landscape. We’ll have to see if this is achieved by waiting.


Source: Modmyi


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