How to close apps on iOS 7

Found this online. Enjoy!!

One of the big questions we’re hearing from people who are making the jump to iOS 7 is “How the heck do I shut down apps that are running in the background?” In the past, you’d double-tap the home button and get a display of app icons on your screen, then tap the red “X” on those icons to shut them down.

With iOS 7, it’s done with a swipe. Double-tap the home button and you see all of the apps that are currently chugging away on your device. To shut one of them down, just swipe it up and off of your screen. Want to do two of them at once? Flick ’em both off the screen with a two-finger gesture.

Since a video is worth a thousand words, here’s a short clip showing you exactly how to do it — note that you can resize this video to full-screen to see it more clearly. Be sure to send this to all of your friends who are asking the same question, OK?


Source: TUAW


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