Zagg iPad mini case


I love Zagg products! Their products not only protect the iPad, but will make it look very stylish.  It also doesn’t look bulky. Their newest case, the iPad mini folio, is one of their best cases they’ve created.  It has everything one could want in a protective case.  It’s slim, stylish, protects inside and outside, attached keyboard (without a lot of extra bulk), long battery life and more.  Here is a short commercial video they shot:

Here is a description from

“The new ZAGGkeys Folio is a mere 6.9mm thin, just more than a quarter of an inch, and only 16.75mm, or about two-thirds of an inch, when holding your iPad. This makes it one of the thinnest keyboards available. But while it is smaller and easier to carry, it actually offers 30% more typing room than the competition. In addition, it features a pivoting hinge that allows you to place your iPad at virtually any viewing angle, just like a laptop screen. Open it up, set it to your preferred angle, and off you go typing in comfort.

The Folio zips along on a powerful battery that will keep it powered for up to three months of regular use between charges*. In addition it offers backlit keys that make typing in low light areas easy on the eyes, and responsive, island-style keys that provide a natural and speedy typing experience. With these features, and more, ZAGGkeys Folio is the all in one solution for typing on the go. ”

Unfortunately, this product is sold out.  We have to wait until they restock.  I am going to wait until they announce the iPad mini 2 later this year. I hope this case will fit it, or they have a case that’ll fit the newest iPad mini.  We can only wait and see.  To read more or check out specs, go to Zaggs website here.



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