Free apps for autism awareness month at


In honor of Autism Awareness Month, the software developers at have made all their educational apps free. It’s quite a collection and includes apps focused on speech and language, self-care skills and receptive and expressive identification.

For example, the app ABA Receptive Identification By Class teaches students to hear a word and then identify the appropriate image on the screen. Likewise, ABA Flash Cards – Actions pairs a verb with an image of a child performing its action. This is to convey the term’s meaning.

Most of’s apps adhere to the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) teaching technique. ABA uses techniques like repetition, positive reinforcement and chaining to increase the frequency of desirable behaviors and decrease the frequency of the less desirable.

All of these apps include great-looking, clear photos and appear to be well-designed teaching tools. Special Education teachers and parents/caregivers who have a child with developmental delays at home will definitely want to take advantage of this generous, month-long sale.

Source TUAW


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