To Everyone in Lamar CISD SPED….

Good afternoon,

The apple ID lcisdsped is down currently for those on iOS 6. Users, using lcisdsped, will not be able to see the purchased apps in the app store. If you are on iOS 5 or lower, you can still access it and you can ignore this message.  So if anyone is having problems, don’t worry it’s not you, the iPad or the school network, it’s a bug in iOS 6.  I am working hard to find a solution. I will keep everyone updated.  Your patience is appreciated.

Have a great day!




2 thoughts on “To Everyone in Lamar CISD SPED….

    1. Neil says:

      You can still download them by searching through the app store. The apps that have been downloaded already will say install instead on free or have a price by it. The purchased area in the app store still doesn’t work in iOS 6. iOS 5 users shouldn’t have a probably being able to view them.

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