Best Buy Slashes iTunes Gift Card Prices By One Fifth For Today Only!

Found this online. Enjoy!

With the new iPad having only recently released in the middle of last month, there will surely be a few blank home screens crying out for an injection of apps, and with the deals Best Buy is currently running on iTunes credit, now could just be the best time to fill in those empty spaces.

Apple isn’t the one to slash prices, and the only time a discount is really seen from the Cupertino company is on Black Friday weekend. Thus, we rely on the likes of Best Buy and Wal-Mart to bring in those special offers – especially given the post-recession economic climate.

Usually, you have to pay the full face value of iTunes gift cards in order to credit your account and download apps, games, music, videos, and other content from the fruit company’s numerous online stores. However, in a similar fashion to Wal-Mart a while back, America’s other superstore outlet Best Buy has snipped 20 percent from the cost of iTunes Gift Cards.

The 20% saving is the same for all denominations between $15 and $100 – unfortunately you do not save any more by purchasing larger bulks of credit. Still, if you’re often scouring Apple’s stores for new content, it’s a pretty sweet deal, and you can scoop a $15 card for $12, a $25 card for $20, a $50 card for $40, or, if you’re a real junkie, the $100 card can be had for just 80 bucks.

Source: Redmondpie


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