Tapose $2.99

Found this online. Enjoy!

Click the app icon to download.

On the surface, Tapose is a web-clipping, journal jotting app. But the coolest thing about Tapose is that it lets you split your iPad screen into two separate, usable screens. Tapose has a Slide Bar that allows one app to be shown on one side of the bar and another app to be shown on the other. True multitasking! Tapose can let you open Safari, Maps, Contacts, Calculator and a Journal (which lets you jot things down). The tools, though simple, are useful too: pen, highlighter, eraser, text, sticky notes, a lasso tool (to grab custom images on the web, for example) and more. Basically, Tapose is a notepad app, a notepad app that lets you really multitask.

Source: Gizmodo


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