Use you iOS Devices as Flashdrives! ($1 limited of time)

Found this online. Enjoy!

This app does cost $1

Download AirDisk Pro for iPhone and iPad [iTunes link]With phones now sporting up to 64GB of storage, such a feature is more useful than you may think. Need to get a large video file to a friend’s house and don’t want to wait hours for it to upload over the internet? Need to get business files to work quickly and easily but don’t have a USB drive to hand? That’s where you smartphone could prove invaluable.
While the iPhone doesn’t offer such functionality out of the box, there are apps that try to fill the void left by Apple’s reluctance to give users access to their iPhone’s storage, and one such app is AirDisk Pro.Retailing for less than a dollar in Apple’s App Store, AirDisk Pro allows users to keep files on their iPhones and then pull them off using just a web browser. Granted the iPhone needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the computer, but that’s better than nothing, and you could always turn your iPhone into its own Wi-Fi router with Personal Hotspot!

The app itself works by turning your iPhone into a file server which can be accessed via a computer and a web browser. Point the browser at your iPhone’s IP address and Robert’s your Father’s brother. You can upload and download files on a whim, and all for less than a buck.

AirDisk Pro also supports unzipping files, as well as viewing documents and playing multimedia in-app. Support for text editing is also there, along with the option to password protect the whole shebang should you be the cautious type.

AirDisk Pro fills a void left by Apple and, should you have a need for it, is a real bargain at the price. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had a thumb drive in your pocket for transferring files then this may well be the app for you.

Source: Redmondpie

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