OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Preview


One thought on “OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Preview

  1. Christine says:

    Enche: Well, the 64gb is not barnstormingly bnrillait, which is the same as the previous MacBook Airs that were shipped with a 64gb SSD. Obviously, this is not going to be a storage device to store your entire library of photos, or even your whole collection of music and videos (my collection of music and films far exceed 64gb) but I don’t think one would need to either. Neil: I think that’s it it’s all about the apps. With regards to the screen issues of the 27 iMacs, I think that when one buys one of the early batches of a product, there is always the risk of encountering a product defect. Joel: I agree. I don’t think it’s for storing one’s whole library, but rather a means of on-the-go storage. Phil Drew: Of course, the iPad came out this way because it was planned this way, strategically and from a product-design perspective. As well as thinking about how to make this product usable they have to think about how it will fit in to the product line-up without encroaching on another products sales.- Flash: well, this is something which is a bit of a problem if you’re viewing lots of flash content.- Multi-tasking: It’s all about keeping things usable. With regards to photo editing, I’m sure there will be some apps released that allows the user to do some basic photo editing, but when we’re talking about Photoshop, well I prefer using something with a bigger screen, a keyboard and mouse.- Camera: Even if Apple put a camera on it, that lets you take photos, I don’t think I would use it to take photos. True, it could’ve been used for things like iChat, but it seems like Apple are not big fans of video chat on their mobile devices. Mollie: Well, I think the whole rumour-mill + hype + high expectations of what one wants in a tablet have meant that the release of the iPad was a bit of an anti-climax for some. I see it as more of an evolution of the current products from Apple rather than a revolutionary product. I think that at the selling price they have mentioned, it’s a pretty decent device for the money. Sime: Electronic devices + water + human being is not the best combination.

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