Free Games

Found this online. Enjoy!!!
Free iOS and Android games
We’ve got some new word games, LEGO games and a special game just for Christmas – Santa Balls for iOS and Android. These are all free, but a couple of them do have in-game purchasing…be sure to disable in-app purchases in Settings if that is a concern.Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android.Merry Christmas from Blockdot!

Santa Balls
iOS –…96714?mt=8

Android –…YmFsbHMiXQ..

iOS –

iOS –

Chicktionary Lite (yes, I know this is the lite version, but it is just as fun)
iOS –…36943?mt=8
Android –…eWxpdGUiXQ..

Lego Creationary
iOS –…d401267497
Android –…W9uYXJ5Il0.

Lego Ninjago
iOS –…12161?mt=8


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