Steve Job’s Thoughts on Textbooks

I found this article online. Enjoy!

As more information about Steve Jobs and his plans continue to be revealed from his biography, interesting topics and speculation continue to arise. According to some information revealed by The New York Times, the next market Jobs wanted to explore was the market for school textbooks. This was publicized around the time when the iPad was first released as well but Jobs’ biography gives more insight into the matter. 

Apparently he held several meetings with major publishers seeking partnership with Apple. Jobs’ train of thought was that if textbooks were given away for free on the iPad, publishers might be able to get around the state certification of textbooks, potentially saving a lot of money. It wasn’t made clear what the business model of such a plan might look like or how it would work but it is possible that we will see it in action in the future.

Some schools have adopted the use of iPads for the distribution of material but it hasn’t been seen widely across the nation just yet. I personally think too many rules and regulations might come into play with the whole ordeal but perhaps giving the option of having more textbooks on the iPad would be appealing to students. I can imagine carrying around an iPad to be much more convenient than multiple textbooks, not to mention the iPad can serve multiple purposes. On the other hand, the chances of getting distracted are much higher as well. Just like most things, the idea has its pros and cons.




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