Google Translate

Found this online. Enjoy!

AllThingsD’s Ina Fried was in Taipeiover the weekend, and she took along both an iPhone 4S and an Android

device with Google Translate onboard. What she found is that both of the devices and their accompanying software were very good travel companions.

Google Translate (free) is also available for iOS devices, and it’s an amazing piece of software. As Fried notes, she was able to ask an electronics dealer what the difference was between two models of Fuji cameras by speaking to the HTC Salsa running Google Translate. The response from the salesperson was a bit confusing — “Outside” — but Fried quickly noticed that he was referring to the fact that the cameras were identical except for the external case.

Fried ran into one of the unfortunate issues of Siri right now, however, which is the inability to do local searches outside of the U.S. She was able to use the iPhone 4S as her primary camera on the trip and ask Siri to set an alarm for the next morning. After Siri set the alarm, Fried thanked Siri, “feeling like it was the right thing to do.”

Siri’s response? “I live to serve.”


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