Smarty Pants School (iPad app)

Device: iPad

Price: $1.99 download


Get your little smarty pants ready for the new school year!

Smarty Pants School offers a carefully-structured series of games and activities designed to strengthen children’s early reading skills.

And with a hip, Pop Art look and a gang of cheering kids, Smarty Pants School makes it fun to get smarty.


Parents, teachers and children all love us (just take a look at our customer reviews!). 

And so do the experts. 

Here’s what the reading specialists at say about Smarty Pants School: 

“The look and feel of this app, as well as its user friendly, intuitive interface, is without a doubt one of the best we’ve seen. We were awed not just by the presentation, which is very COOL, but were impressed with the depth and scope of material that this very comprehensive app contains…The music grabs you right away, the photography is sensational, the content is totally engaging, their mascot adorable, as are the little Smarty Pants voices, and the lessons to be learned are a must have.”


Unlike any other app for the iPhone or iPad, Smarty Pants School starts by evaluating children’s proficiency in five critical skills known to be the building blocks of long-term reading success:

1. letter knowledge,
2. phonemic awareness
3. phonics, 
4. regular ‘phonetic’ words 
5. and irregular ‘sight’ words. 


At the end of the assessment, our Smarty Pants Assessment Report shows your child’s performance in each skill area relative to standard grade-level expectations. 

Then we’ll suggest the Smarty Pants “class” that’s right for your child.

There are five, full-fledged classes included in the Smarty Pants School app (no additional purchase necessary), each one focusing on a particular early reading skill. Each smarty class contains multiple games, activities and puzzles that become increasingly more challenging as the child advances. 

And when your child completes all the levels within a given class, they are awarded an official, star-studded Smarty Pants School diploma (which can be emailed to the grandparents or printed out for posterity).

You can even add as many children as you like (for free) and Smarty Pants School will keep track of each child’s progress individually over the course of the school year.

So tell your little smarty pants to have fun. And get smarty.



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