Daily Mac App: Clean


Price: Free download


Device: Mac

Let’s face it, cleaning your desktop can be a right chore. Clean makes it easy by automating the process for those who simply can’t face it.

Some of us are more prone to desktop clutter than others. I have seen some horrors in my time, desktops were you simply can’t see the wallpaper for the side-to-side mess of icons. How does anyone find anything in that mess?

Like other cleaning tasks, sometimes you simply can’t face weeding through all the files, separating important from rubbish and that’s where Clean comes in. It’s a tiny app that you can either set up to clear out your desktop on a daily, weekly or monthly rotation, or fire it up manually when it all gets too much.

Clean will move all the files on your desktop to a user-specified folder and will organize them by day or month. You can tell it to ignore files with labels, which means you can keep files on your desktop that you really want to stay by just applying a label to them in Finder.

By moving, not trashing your files, Clean gives you the opportunity to evaluate whether you really need those files. If you haven’t accessed them for a couple of months for instance, perhaps it’s time to trash them and reclaim some hard disk space.

Yes you can do all this manually, and no Clean doesn’t do anything revolutionary, but it’s a free app that gets the job done for those that have a mess of files on their desktop and can’t face sorting them manually.



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