Grace (iPad)

Price: 37.99 download

Devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

* Winner of the 2010 Irish Web Awards and United Nations World Summit Award Mobile. * 

Grace App is a non-speaking, simple picture exchange system developed for people with Autism to communicate their needs independently. Users can select pictures to form a semantic sentence which they can then share, by tilting the iPhone or iPod touch to create a full screen view, and pointing at each card to hear the listener read each word. The cards are large enough on iPad not to need the full screen view.

With practice, the user learns to attempt their own vocalisations with the pictures serving as a back-up or prompt. The goal of the Grace App is to encourage independent social interaction with the user taking control of what they want to say. 

Grace App comes with a basic vocabulary of pictures, but it can be fully customized using the device camera, stored photographs or images saved from the internet and added to your device album. 

Our latest update includes the much asked for category sorting, allowing you to add images to each folder, delete any you don’t need, and restore later if you like. There is also an edit lock in your device settings menu. (to prevent little fingers from deleting images!)

We have also added a landscape view for iPad and a double tap on all devices to remove cards from the sentence strip; this enables the user to point at each card without it disappearing under their touch on the iPad view.

We have added some new vocabulary such as the “Look” card to encourage shared attention and really cleaned up the graphics.

Grace has been improved with the feedback of users world wide – if you have any suggestions or need support, please contact us at or visit our facebook page.

The Grace App Manual, a guide for introducing an augmentative communication system is also available free on the site.


Grace App Communication is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

Recommended Ages: all, parents.
Categories: Special Needs



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