Video Mirroring (iPad 2)

Price: $39 (Apple Store)

A lesson at school. A presentation at work. Your favorite app on your HDTV. Now one iPad 2 gets the attention of many on a big (and bigger) screen. And it’s a truly impressive performance. 

Video mirroring makes it possible to share what’s on your iPad with an even bigger screen and an even bigger audience. Which is huge for your movies, photos, presentations, and lessons. Just attach the Apple Digital AV Adapter (sold separately) to your iPad, and you can watch a movie in your living room on your HDTV. Give a presentation in a conference room on an HD projection screen. And use educational iPad apps to teach an entire classroom. Your friends, coworkers, clients, and students all get an excellent view of your excellent performance.

Video mirroring doesn’t just turn your iPad into a big screen. It actually turns the big screen into your iPad. With the Digital AV Adapter (sold separately), it works instantly. Everyone sees what’s on your display — even when you rotate iPad from portrait to landscape or zoom in and out on photos. Video mirroring is engineered into iOS so it’s always smooth and slick. Just like your presentation.

Plug in the Digital AV Adapter (sold separately), and it works. Just like that. There are no settings to tinker with or configurations to figure out. And the adapter even works with audio. So it’s easy to focus on what you’re about to show the room. One end plugs into the 30-pin connector on iPad, the other end plugs into your HDMI cable. And the cable plugs into your HDTV, projector, or other HDMI-friendly screens you use. There’s also a second 30-pin connector to USB cable so you can charge your iPad. You’ll never have to worry about running out of power in the middle of your presentation or movie.



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