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New iOS 8 And OS X 10.10 Details Emerge Following WWDC Announcement

We had a rough idea that this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) would kick off in June because, well.. it nearly always does. But with the Cupertino company having last week finally put… Continue reading

iPhone 5s Users Consume A Lot Of Data Compared To Others, Study Reveals

I found this online. Enjoy!!   Market research in the mobile industry offers some fascinating insight into how we use our beloved smartphones and tablets. Research firm JDSU has been analyzing the data usage habits of mobile device owners,… Continue reading

Galaxy Glass: Samsung’s Google Glass Competitor Reportedly Releasing Later This Year

Samsung’s product range is ubiquitous, and when it comes to the mobile industry, the South Korean outfit has proven time and again that it is unafraid to experiment and, if necessary, hit every corner of… Continue reading

Moshi SenseCover For iPhone 5s Lets You Answer Calls Without Opening It

I found this online. Enjoy!!   The Apple iPhone is renowned for its high-end build quality, and as such, many regard it among the benchmark products in the premium handset market. With all that anodized… Continue reading

Five iOS apps to help you get educated online

In our connected world, there are a growing number of sites and services that you can use to get an education online. Here are five resources that have iOS apps, so your learning… Continue reading

New Insight Behind Delayed Retina iPad mini Launch

Found this online. Enjoy!! According to new reports emerging from Asia on Friday, there may be a very good reason why we’ve haven’t yet seen the new Retina iPad mini. Sources close to… Continue reading

iPhone Air???

Found this online. Enjoy!!   Apple’s latest edition to the iPad range – the iPad Air – seems to be going down with a storm with those who already have their hands on the 9.7-inch tablet.… Continue reading

Retina Display iPad mini 2 Now Available To Purchase Officially From Apple

The Retina iPad mini 2 was announced alongside the iPad Air at Apple’s special media event in October. But at that time, Apple vaguely announced that the device will be available ‘later in November’, and no proper calendar date was given.… Continue reading

Are you sick? Get ready for your iPhone to take your temperature and diagnose your illness

Found this online. Enjoy!!   My iPhone can tell me where I am in the world, remind me when I need to take my vitamins and bring me face-to-face with relatives all over… Continue reading

Xbox One or PS4… Xbox One Obviously! Video demo of dashboard

Found this online.  Enjoy!! The PlayStation 4 is just a week away, and the Xbox One will follow seven days later, and so we’re now fully braced for an hourly tirade of announcements, revelations and leaks pertaining… Continue reading